40K 3rd Annual Bug Stomp Mega-Battle - 6/3/2023

40K 3rd Annual Bug Stomp Mega-Battle - 6/3/2023

Koros Wargames


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Join us for a day of bug stomping at this year's annual Tyranid vs the Universe Megabattle.

This was extremely popular our first year, so sign up to ensure your spot. A total of 8 players will be supported. Stop by the store enter your army and reserve your spot.

Details are below:



Tyranid 40K Megabattle
Saturday, June 3rd 12:00 pm

*** Format subject to change until final confirmation by event organizer. ***

7 Defenders

Defense of the Koros system

The Tyranids have returned, prepare the defenses. Local space is filling with hive ships and will soon make planetfall.

Non-Tyranid armies will be the defenders in this narrative scenario. Defenders will have 100 power level to form armies.
Objectives will be placed around the map and must be protected by the defenders. Each objective will grant the defenders advantages until overrun by the Tyranids.
Defenders will be able to deploy on half the map starting at their board edge.
Tyranids will deploy on the first quarter of their half of the map from the board edge. Non-monster units will respawn from their deployment zone the following turn after being removed from the board. Units with the monster keyword upon destruction will be permanently removed from play.
Defenders claim victory by capturing the Norn queen somewhere in the Tyranid deployment zone.
Attacking Tyranids claim victory by capturing all the objectives.
This is the time to dust off any super heavy models you might have like titans, tiger sharks, hierophants or other large lords of war. Please post to event and contact Phil with any super heavy units you will be bringing.

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