Star Wars Armada: Rebellion In The Rim Expansion

Star Wars Armada: Rebellion In The Rim Expansion SALE


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Take Command in the Rim!

Imperial and Rebel Alliance fleets clash in the galaxy's lawless regions, where the spark of rebellion has grown into a raging flame. From the Expansion Region to the Mid Rim and Outer Rim, these systems are filled with vital allies and resources. Only the most skilled and clever commanders will lead their forces onwards to crush the Rebellion and liberate the galaxy!

Join your friends in a crucial struggle for the fate of the Rim! Rebellion in the Rim allows up to 6 players to fight in a campaign spanning multiple Star Wars: Armada fleet battles in which you'll create a custom commander to lead your task force. Victory depends on developing your commander's abilities and working closely with your teammates. From small engagements to pivotal battles, the fate of the Rim is in your hands!


1 Campaign Guide
2 Team Rosters
6 Fleet Rosters
1 Campaign Map
1 Campaign Sticker Sheet
1 Station Card
11 Campaign Objective Cards
6 Fleet Condition Cards
28 Upgrade Cards
12 Objective Cards
8 Squadron Cards
8 Squadron Disks
110 Assorted Tokens

This is not a stand-alone game. A copy of Star Wars: Armada - Core Set is required to play.

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