New World: Village Hovel

New World: Village Hovel SALE
New World: Village Hovel SALE
New World: Village Hovel
New World: Village Hovel

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The New World Village Hovel is the first of a series of 3 buildings dedicated to the indigenous peoples of the Americas. This building is a simple structure made for hot climates, desert or jungle, in which a common family would have lived. These homes would have been constructed of various stone and clay, covered by a roof similar to the European version of thatch. 

Our design of this hovel is a simple 1 room layout. The removable roof has vent slots and the walls have two openings to help the heat of the day to escape. An animal skin covers the doorway.

This building is part of the Historical New World series for use with any 28mm tabletop game featuring conflict or life in the early Americas. It will also work especially well with Fantasy settings related to human or non-human tribal communities. We particularly like them for our own Lizardkind settings.

Scale: 28mm

Dimensions (Approximate): Exterior 4.75" W x 4.5" D x 3" H

                                             Interior: 3" W x 3" D

Grid: 1" square etched into floor to support various game systems.

This is a model kit and is supplied unpainted. Assembly Required. 

Glue and paints sold separately.

Figures and trees not included. Stone walls sold separately.

Skill Level: Intermediate.

For ages 14+

Made in the USA.

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