Legends of Eana - Aboleths of Blackwater

Legends of Eana - Aboleths of Blackwater

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Fateforge: Adventures’ Collection – Aboleths of Blackwater. Even as the adventurers possibly live in ignorance of Blackwater’s very existence, strange incidents, murders, and disappearances put them on the trail of an evil all the more pernicious that is subsumes those who fail to vanquish it. To thwart the threat of the aboleths and their mindless puppets, a mind shielded from comforting lies will prove a necessary as a well-sharpened blade.

Aboleths of Blackwater is a collection of five adventurers intended for characters of levels 1 – 7, powered by the rules of the 5th edition of the most mythical roll-playing game.

Standalone: The adventures within can be played as one-shots or easily slotted in a long-running game, whether for a short autonomous session or as part of a campaign delving into the lore of Blackwater.

Ready to play. The adventurers of Aboleths of Blackwater require the Adventurers and Grimoire books (or any other core books containing the 5th ed. rules) to be played. No other resources are necessary: all featured perils, creatures, optional rules, and magic items are described in appendices.