Eastern Front: Wooden Bell Tower

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Religion has played a vital role in the shaping of the lifestyles, culture, and political landscape across the world.  Each has its own unique architectural influence on the places where their worshipers congregate.

The Bell Tower represents a common structure found at many Christian churches throughout the Eastern Front region of World War II. This particular Bell Tower is inspired by the famous wooden churches found across Poland and many other countries of Central and Eastern Europe. The workmanship that went into these structures are incredible.

Unfortunately, such beauty could prove deadly to the unsuspecting soldier or civilian that past by such a place during wartime. Often, these locations proved to be a great hiding spot for the enemy sniper. They represented a high vantage point on the field that provided ideal spotting conditions.

Place one of these structures on your game table to introduce a new level of dimension. Use it as an objective or a defensible position. Whatever the case, your gaming strategies will certainly be altered by the buildings presence.

The Wooden Bell Tower is a two story structure. A removable roof allows access to the upper bell room. Lifting the second floor provides access to a small entry room with ladder that provides an excellent place for cover. However, remember it is a wood structure, so watch out for those heavy weapons.

Scale: 28mm

Dimensions (Approximate): 4" W x 4.75" D x 9.0" H

This is a model kit and is supplied unpainted. Assembly Required. 

Figures and trees not included. Stone walls sold separately.

Skill Level: Intermediate

For ages 14+

Made in the USA.

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