Viking: Pit House (Grubehus)

Viking: Pit House (Grubehus) SALE
Viking: Pit House (Grubehus) SALE
Viking: Pit House (Grubehus) SALE
Viking: Pit House (Grubehus)
Viking: Pit House (Grubehus)
Viking: Pit House (Grubehus)

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The Pit House, known as the Grubehus in Scandinavia, was a common structure found in many Viking settlements of the era. They are a close cousin of the Longhouse, with the main exception being that these homes were sunken into the ground so that their walls were backed by earth. Commonly, these home can be seen with turf growing on the roof structure.

They had pounded dirt floors and generally had raised wooden platforms along the sides to provide dry storage, sitting surfaces, and a place to sleep. In the center of the dirt floor, a fire pit was kept. These pits did not have any chimney to exhaust out the smoke, just a hatch in the roof for the smoke to escape. Building sizes varied greatly as per the needs of the household and servants. The homes did not offer much in terms of privacy since it was based on a single large room architecture. Research has shown that sometimes smaller chambers were partitioned along the wooden platforms to provide some small amount of personal space. In this model kit, the design is an open layout as well as a storage room with only outside access.

Scale: 28mm

Dimensions (Approximate): Exterior 8" W x 6.5" D x 5.5" H

                                             Interior: 6.75" W x 4.25" D

Grid: 1" square etched into floor to support various game systems.

This is a model kit and is supplied unpainted. Assembly Required. 

Glue and paints sold separately.

Figures and trees not included. Stone walls sold separately.

Skill Level: Intermediate.

For ages 14+

Made in the USA.

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